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Feb 02 2015

Try and Buy from Gen Con 2014, 6 months later… where do they stand?

Back in August we did our yearly show on top 11 to try and top 11 to buy of Gen Con. I also covered my list on the final score show. I thought it would be fun to quickly go back over my lists and see how I thought of the games I had on […]

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Aug 31 2012

Gameday with the podcast crew

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So before we got to recording we got to play some games at Adam O’s amazing nerd lair. (And boy is his collection a sight to see!) When I arrived Chris was about finished teaching Adam The Great Heartland Hauling Co. so since I already had played it (At Gen Con), I was ready to […]

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Aug 03 2012

Being mentored by a League of Legends Vet. A Noobs diary begins now #LoL

There has been hype of all kinds the last few years in PC Gaming. I have embraced some of it (See SWTOR, Skyrim, Arkham City), and have avoided others (League of Legends, Minecraft, Dungeons of Dreadmore). LoL is the perfect example of one that I have not entirely avoided on purpose. Although I am not […]

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Nov 21 2011

A successful charity event is in the books! Aka what has the GeekJock has been doing for the last month! #GamersforCures

Hey GeekJock what’s the deal? Why have you been so damn slack for the last month or two??? Well at least I have a fairly good excuse for being slack. Ever since July I have been planning a charity event in honor of my daughter who has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome for just under […]

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Jun 24 2011

The Geek Allstars Podcast is live! #thegeekallstars #podcast

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It’s a moment we have been waiting to get going and published for quite some time… but the time is NOW! The Geek Allstars Podcast is now live and you can get the first episode right here !!! It should be popping up on iTunes for you to subscribe to shortly.  I will likely have […]

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Jul 16 2010

Podcasts I am currently listening to.

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In this day where everyone has either an ipod, ipod touch, some sort of mp3 player, or even (gasp!) one of those crappy phones, one of the most underappreciated forms of entertainment is the podcast. Working nights has opened me up to the world of podcasts and I listen to a bunch of them all […]

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