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Mar 26 2014

One of the greatest feelings you will ever have, that we forget as we get older #blogpost

Holy crap GeekJock is back! Yep and I hope to be back more if I ever get time. Well that, or if I ever figure out how to install the program to be able to voice to write. I am much better at talking and doing posts then actually typing (that’s why I have been […]

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Aug 03 2012

Being mentored by a League of Legends Vet. A Noobs diary begins now #LoL

There has been hype of all kinds the last few years in PC Gaming. I have embraced some of it (See SWTOR, Skyrim, Arkham City), and have avoided others (League of Legends, Minecraft, Dungeons of Dreadmore). LoL is the perfect example of one that I have not entirely avoided on purpose. Although I am not […]

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May 29 2012

Stanley Cup and Ch-Ch-Ch- CHANGES!!!

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Things have been moving right along in the world and with a crazy as ever pace. Last we heard from me on the subject of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I was busy butchering EVERY prediction I made. Of the teams I picked to be in the final 4 only 1 of them won, and NONE […]

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Apr 17 2011

Will Apple be it’s own worst enemy? #applesucks

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I have always been fairly anti-apple. With the majority of their users are holier then thou, and an I am better then you air about them. Sure it’s no doubt that some of their applications are more suited for some professional uses then some of their PC counterparts, I will fully admit that. I just […]

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Apr 05 2011

My Birthday wishes as I blow out the candles #mybirthday

So as I get another year older (only a few more to 40!), and yet none too wiser, I sit here and think of the many things  I am wishing for this year as I blow out my proverbial candles on a great day in GeekJock life. From pop culture , gaming, sports, work, family, […]

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Mar 17 2011

Back From Vegas and here’s a nice shiny Arkham City Trailer

Published by under Games,Random Sh-stuff

Well Vegas is over… for a day or two now and my lord I am still recovering from the amount of beverages that were consumed in the few days span. Well, we got our asses kicked in the Ice Hockey tournament we played in so hey might as well decide to drown our sorrows in […]

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Dec 01 2010

To PvP or not to PvP… Are you a dabbler or hard core #PVP

One thing that has gamers divided the most in MMO’s (and games in general) is Player Vs Player combat (PvP). You generally love it or you hate it. However, I think that even the haters of the world of PvP will dabble a bit to see if the game they love and invested time in somehow […]

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Nov 28 2010

Jersey Foul at Canes ticket holder night #jerseyfoul

Published by under Hockey,Random Sh-stuff,Rant

I always get a kick out of the puckdaddy posts on yahoo sports when he does his Jersey Fouls posts. I don’t really care if a jersey is ugly or not, that’s not really a foul to me, but some of the ones they show with awful non-names and “creative” editing of jersey’s are just funny […]

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Nov 01 2010

Happy Halloween! Sorry I have been awol… GJ is back…again

Published by under Random Sh-stuff,Rant

Ok Happy Halloween all. I have had a busy weekend so I am sorry this has been a bit delayed… I have a few posts going up in the next day or so (this one a WoW diary-ish type and a Canes recap from Sat night’s game) so stay tuned! So today was the day […]

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Oct 14 2010

Pumpkins at the house… Almost time for the carving!

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Ok so maybe it’s about 2 weeks away but the preparations are already started. First and foremost for anyone who wonders, I have ZERO artistic talent. I can’t draw a stick figure at all. Yet one thing I have gotten pretty good at is carving pumpkins. Sure, it’s basically take a stencil and throw it […]

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