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Jul 18 2016

A Look back at Gen Con 2015 Try Buy one year later.

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Between today’s SDJ and KSDJ announcements and some convo’s I had today about them (Congrats to Code Names and Isle of Skye), I keep thinking where will some games be in our minds in 1-2 years. On those 2 in particular I think Code Names will still be one of the best party/casual/family games there […]

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Feb 02 2015

Try and Buy from Gen Con 2014, 6 months later… where do they stand?

Back in August we did our yearly show on top 11 to try and top 11 to buy of Gen Con. I also covered my list on the final score show. I thought it would be fun to quickly go back over my lists and see how I thought of the games I had on […]

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Aug 01 2013

Top 10 Games I want to buy at GEN CON 2013

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Ok so I have been admittedly MIA from blogging for quite some time. Mainly it’s been b/c I have been concentrating on family and The Geek Allstars Podcast which I make. It’s been quite a ride and as always I cannot thank everyone enough for listening. Unfortunately it’s left me with little time to blog. […]

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Mar 24 2013

DC Deck Building Game Solo play experiment Game 3 The Batman…. #Cryptozoic

Game 3 Batman So in my random choice of the next Hero to use, up comes the Dark Knight himself. Now I will admit I am quite fond of Bats in the regular game so I was pretty excited to see how he will do in this solo set up. Generally there is no shortage […]

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Mar 13 2013

DC Deck Building Game Solo Challenge Game 2 Wonder Woman #cryptozoic

Ok here goes session #2 Wonder Woman. (been picking them random) For this one I made 2 slight changes. I now refill the whole middle before rolling the D6. I missed the original author’s saying this and it makes sense to do so to “simulate other players”. Also I have changed Poison Ivy to +1 […]

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Mar 12 2013

DC Comics Deck Building game my solo Variant Experiment with all Heroes has begun! #Cryptozoic #DCDBG

So I will apologize another time about being so slack and where the heck the time has gone and why I haven’t posted in a long time eventually. But for now, I wanted to post the 1st in my experimental series in seeing how I do with each of the Heroes in the DC Comics […]

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Oct 07 2012

Thanks to Board Game Reviews by Josh for featuring my charity Gamers for Cures #Gamersforcures

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I wanted to take a moment to extend a great big THANK YOU to Josh from Board Game Reviews by Josh. Josh is doing a monthly feature on Board Gaming Charities, and featured our charity and the 24 Hour Board Game Marathon for TSS in his October installment. Please check out his site. He does […]

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Sep 02 2012

Torchlight 2 launch trailer and release date announced. People schedule their next vacation days to play! #torchlight2

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The second of my awaited spring/summer releases I was waiting on is finally less then 3 weeks away. In a beautiful PAX scoop Massively got hands on and announced that Torchlight 2 will be here September 20th. Ahh just in time as I have weaned myself of f of Diablo 3. In the trailer/release video […]

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Aug 31 2012

Gameday with the podcast crew

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So before we got to recording we got to play some games at Adam O’s amazing nerd lair. (And boy is his collection a sight to see!) When I arrived Chris was about finished teaching Adam The Great Heartland Hauling Co. so since I already had played it (At Gen Con), I was ready to […]

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Aug 12 2012

A LoL noobs diary Part 2. The Mentor steps in #LoL

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As the finishing packing for my trip to Gen Con this week has gotten a little boring I decided to stop for a few mins and get up part two of my LoL NOOBS Diary. Hope you enjoy! So as we heard in the last episode of The Geek Allstars, my mentor Josh Augustine, has […]

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