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Mar 26 2014

One of the greatest feelings you will ever have, that we forget as we get older #blogpost

Holy crap GeekJock is back! Yep and I hope to be back more if I ever get time. Well that, or if I ever figure out how to install the program to be able to voice to write. I am much better at talking and doing posts then actually typing (that’s why I have been […]

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Jul 08 2012

One week into free agency and hows it looking Canes fans? That’s right, not good yet #Canes #NHL

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We got a huge boost as fans of the Carolina Hurricanes a couple of weeks ago, when GM Jim Rutherford (JR) made the huge deal and got Jordan Staal from the Pens. Then last week it was backed up by signing Staal to the same exact contract extension that the Pens had offered him. Ten […]

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Jun 23 2012

Canes Nab Jordan Staal in draft day trade and I couldn’t be happier. #Canes #NHL

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Every time I get to where I have completely given up faith in Jim Rutherford (Canes GM), he does something akin to walking on water and he brings me right back to his corner. Friday night was no different. I was sitting at a local bar with some friends Friday night, celebrating getting a new […]

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Jun 22 2012

Draft day in the NHL. Wild trade day, or just picks, either could happen, which do I want? #NHL #Hurricanes

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Ahh, draft day is here. It’s always among my favorite days in the NHL calendar. You never ever know if your team will go trade crazy to move the pick or move up, or if they will just sit tight and keep all their picks and go about their normal business. Traditionally there are a […]

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Jun 12 2012

The Stanley Cup is over, Cgts to the Kings, now reset those standings! #NHL

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Well, I will toot my own horn here first. Yup, finally ye olde GeekJock has finally picked one right on the nose. The Kings in 6, which I picked last week, is a reality and the city of LA has bragging rights for a whole year. They completely and 100% deserve it. Not only were […]

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May 14 2012

Canes ’11-’12 End of Season Grades Defense up first! #Canes #NHL

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It’s that time of year again! The playoffs are down to the final four and are exciting as ever. I will save my always wrong predictions on those until later and focus now on the Canes. The team finished 33-33-16 good for 82 points. On paper that LOOKS like .500 but it’s not. The 16 […]

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Apr 06 2012

My Day as a Carolina Hurricane (Part 2) #CanesAlumniGame #TeamRed

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Pep-talks were over, equipment was on and now it was time to line up for the introductions. We all looked at the list making sure who we were behind and we started to hear it. That killer sound of the siren and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” blaring over the loud speaker. There was one […]

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Apr 04 2012

My Day as a Carolina Hurricane (Part 1) #CanesAlumniGame #TeamRed

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I tried to get as much sleep the night before, but it wasn’t easy. I tried to take a 30 min nap before I left for the event, but that wasn’t happening either. I simply was too wound up. You see, what started as an amazing surprise 10th Anniversary gift from my beautiful wife, was […]

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Mar 29 2012

A Canes fan dream day inches closer and closer. #AlumniGame #TeamRed

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I have mentioned a few times on Twitter and Facebook about the amazing 10th Anniversary gift my beautiful wife surprised me with a few weeks ago. And just in case you missed it I will do it again! Mrs. GeekJock got me an entry into the Carolina  Hurricanes Alumni Fantasy game this upcoming Sunday April […]

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Sep 30 2011

Around the NHL for beginning of the ’11-’12 season and my thoughts on some recent NHL happenings #NHL #Canes

Ahh one of the most wonderful times of the year… The weather is starting to get colder, the leaves are falling, Football has started, the MLB playoffs are about to begin, and most important of all the NHL season is about to get underway. It’s been 3+ excruciating months with no hockey to watch and […]

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