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Dec 21 2013

3rd Annual Gamers For Cures 24 Hour Board Game Marathon for Turner Syndrome Society of US Recap

The 3rd Annual Gamers for Cures 24 hour board game marathon to benefit Turner Syndrome Society of the US came and went in a flash! What was 6 months of planning, begging, advertising, volunteering, networking, and organizing all culminated to an absolutely amazing event on Nov 9th 2013. I absolutely couldn’t have been happier with […]

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Apr 09 2013

Interview with DC Deck Building game designer Matt Hyra

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Matt Hyra, designer of the DC Comics Deck Building game (a favorite of mine), as well as many other great games. Titles to his credit include Food Fight,  The Locke and Key Card game, and Batman:Arkham City Escape. He also worked on the WoW CCG as well […]

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Mar 24 2013

DC Deck Building Game Solo play experiment Game 3 The Batman…. #Cryptozoic

Game 3 Batman So in my random choice of the next Hero to use, up comes the Dark Knight himself. Now I will admit I am quite fond of Bats in the regular game so I was pretty excited to see how he will do in this solo set up. Generally there is no shortage […]

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Mar 13 2013

DC Deck Building Game Solo Challenge Game 2 Wonder Woman #cryptozoic

Ok here goes session #2 Wonder Woman. (been picking them random) For this one I made 2 slight changes. I now refill the whole middle before rolling the D6. I missed the original author’s saying this and it makes sense to do so to “simulate other players”. Also I have changed Poison Ivy to +1 […]

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Mar 12 2013

DC Comics Deck Building game my solo Variant Experiment with all Heroes has begun! #Cryptozoic #DCDBG

So I will apologize another time about being so slack and where the heck the time has gone and why I haven’t posted in a long time eventually. But for now, I wanted to post the 1st in my experimental series in seeing how I do with each of the Heroes in the DC Comics […]

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