Mar 24 2013

DC Deck Building Game Solo play experiment Game 3 The Batman…. #Cryptozoic

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Game 3 Batman

So in my random choice of the next Hero to use, up comes the Dark Knight himself. Now I will admit I am quite fond of Bats in the regular game so I was pretty excited to see how he will do in this solo set up. Generally there is no shortage of equipment and when people generally are not trying to block you or take them all for themselves it should be pretty easy right?

Ohhhhh soooo wrong…..

(As a refresher Bats gets +1 for EACH equipment he plays on a turn)

Turn 1 Kid Flash, Bane, ClayFace Penguin, Cape and Cowl
Power—> 5 Cape and Cowl (nice start!) Roll 3 Clayface gone

Turn 2 KF, Bane, Catwoman, Pen,Ssquad
Power—> 2 Kid Flash (at least something was there to buy right?) Roll 1 Bullet Proof gone

Turn 3 Power Ring, Bane,CW,Pen,SS
Power—> 6 (1equipment) Power Ring + Penguin Roll 3 Cat Woman Gone

Turn 4 Super Girl, B,Watch Tower, Poison Ivy ,SS
Power—> 3 Poison Ivy Roll 1 Super Girl gone (anyone surprised? 3rd straight game shes gone QUICK)

Turn 5 Fortress of Solitude, B, Watchtower,Cape + Cowl, SS
Power—> 6 (1E) Cape + Cowl –grab some def. and more equip Roll 3 Watchtower gone.

Turn 6 FoS, B, Grundy,Bat Signal, SS
Power—> 4 Bane Roll 4 Batsignal gone (grrrr)

Turn 7 FoS, Riddler, Gundy,SSpeed,SS
Power—> 7 (1E Ring for +2—>with power to a 3) SSp+ SSq Roll 1 Fortress gone

Turn 8 SSp, Rid,Grundy, Penguin, Trident
Power—> 9 (2E) R’as Al Goul Roll 4 Penguin gone

New Villain Anti Monitor—- As luck would have it no defense and after shuffling RAS goes to the line up. (um that’s kinda crappy luck)

Turn 9 SSp, Riddler, Grundy, Trident, Trident, Ras
Power—> 2 NADA soblue Roll 4 Trident Gone

Turn 10 SSp, Ridd.Grundy, Trudent, Ras
Power—> 10 (2E) Grab Grundy + Trident Roll 5 RAS IS GONE —- DOH!!!!
I know I could have gotten R’as back here, but my thinking was he would take a while to get to me, and Grundy goes straight to the top of my deck and I pick up a trident which is SUPER important in these solo games for top decking.

Turn 11 SSp, Ridd, Lasso,Lass (yeah I know who shuffled!), Ssquad
Power—>9 (1E) Sspeed, SSq, Lasso Roll 5 Zatanna gone

Turn 12 SSp, Ridd, Lasso, Swamp Thing, Riddler
Power—> 12 (3E including Trident) Anti-Monitor which goes to top (could this be the break I need?)
Roll 5 Riddler gone
New Villain Brainiac which I use Super Speed on his attack

Turn 13 SSp,Ridd, Lasso,ST, SStrength
Power—> 9 (1E) Anti Monitor destroys a couple of cards and I end up with Super Strength and Lasso
(Also a Harley Quinn came out making me put a punch on top of my deck slowing me a bit as well).
Roll 1 SSpeed gone.

Turn 14 SSquad,HQuinn, Lobo,Swamp Thing, Robin
Power—> 9(1E) Lobo + Quinn (need to thin out this deck in a HURRY) Roll 5 Robin gone

Turn 15 SSq, Man Of Steel, Cape and Cowl, SwT,Doomsday
Power—>5 SSpeed Roll 2 Man of Steel gone (apparently to hang with Super Girl)

Turn 16 Grundy,Bow, C+C,SwT, Doomsday
Power—>10 (1E) and naturally Brainiac is 11 so I am SoL, Grab Grundy and the Bow
Roll 2 XRVision gone

Turn 17 Util Belt, Doomsday, C+C, SwT,Doomsday
Power—>14 (1E) Also used Lobo to destroy some which might help but too little too late Defeat Brainiac
Roll 1 Belt gone New Villain Deathstroke— Lasso gone

Turn 18 Trident, Doom,C+C,SwT,Doom
Power—>10 (1E) Anti Monitor destroys SwT 2Face comes up Roll 6 pick 2 Face gone
New Villain Lex SSpeed to avoid it

Turn 19 Trident, Doom, C+C, Catwoman,Dooms
Power—> 14 (3E with BOW) Lex plus a Doomsday (Also used anti monitor in turn to mess with the board a bit. Roll 3 C+C gone

New Villain Captain cold and face down goes the Batman… not what I needed right now!

Turn 20 Trident, Zatanna,Batmobile, CatW,Nth
Power—> 19 (3E) plus BOW) Get Cap Cold, Zatanna,Trident Mobile and Nth

A good turn finally at the end but it was too luttle too late as Black Manta and THE JOKER escape! (Would have been cool and fitting to have the Joker as the final villain).

Final Tally
Villains 27
SSquad 9
Others 27
Total 63

Ugh not a great play. Obviously if Ras had not been ripped from me I might have been able to pull it off but alas the Dark Knight goes down swinging.
Total extra points from Equipment 22 not quite as much as Green Lantern who was able to get 24 total points from his ability in the game (and as a reminder WWoman got 17 extra cards over the course of a game)

And I cannot wait for the next time I get to take this out and play it.

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