Aug 01 2013

Top 10 Games I want to buy at GEN CON 2013

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Ok so I have been admittedly MIA from blogging for quite some time. Mainly it’s been b/c I have been concentrating on family and The Geek Allstars Podcast which I make. It’s been quite a ride and as always I cannot thank everyone enough for listening. Unfortunately it’s left me with little time to blog. NO NO I’m not shutting it down or anything but just sorry this has been so slack lately.

But hey, here without further delay here  is my list for what I want to buy. A quick note though, I didn’t include any games that are on KS or are for demo only. This is a buy list after all and not a play list. Also I am not sure if the Shadowrun DBG will be available, but it could very well make this list if it is.

10. Trains (60$-Limited copies?)

Ok this could end up on the over hyped list as well, but it’s getting a ton of buzz and it’s Deck-Building so instantly I am intruiged. I am pretty sure I am going to want to try this first though, so hoping it’s got a demo of it going on. The 60$ price tag seems hefty for what it is to me.

9. Spyrium (35$)

Speaking of a good price, $35 is a solid buy for this one. Also this is made by the creator of Caylus, so I am instantly interested. Yeah yeah I know I give Caylus some crap b/c it’s not very good anymore but for it’s time it was a lights out and it arguably started the Worker Placement movement. So with that, I am more then willing to give this one a shot. I think Eric Martin said it’s solid too, and I play with him a bunch and trust his take on games. I am sure I will get his take in person before I pick it up tho.

8. and 8A Bioshock Infinite (Plaid Hat 70$)/Krosmaster:Arena (80$, expansion pack 28$ each -6 of them)

Yep it’s a pure cop out to have 2 games here. BUT these two are ridiculously over priced, yet I still want to buy them. I think I will end up picking up one or the other tho and I am leaning towards my DT Network buddies the Plaid Hat gang on this one. Plus I love the Bioshock universe so this one screams GeekJock. But Krosmaster has the kid thing going for it and I am always looking for those games my daughter will want to play withme.

7. Dead Panic (Fireside Games 40$)

Again with the segway. My daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES Castle Panic. Being this one just looks like a re-skin with some fixes screams BUY ME. The only think keeping me back is the zombies part. I am just not sure if it’s gonna scare the kiddies or not. The orcs and goblins etc are cartoony enough to not scare anyone. Zombies on the other hand….

6.Dungeon Roll (TMG 15$ Thursday $20 others)

Yeah dungeon, dice and Darden, Good combo and I should have backed this on KS when I had the chance. I am not sure why I didn’t but I will fix that at Gen Con, and for 15$ with extras I won’t miss it this time!!!

5. and 5A Rialto (TMG $50)/Bruges (Z-Man $60)

Yep did it again! But honestly they are Feld so I gotta give em both a look. I keep hearing from buddies of mine like Chris “Dice Hate Me” Kirkman (sorry for the continued name dropping), that Rialto is 100% a GeekJock game so I might have to side with it. BUT, he’s already got it and I do most of my gaming with him so why double up? So I think I might be leaning towards Bruges on this one. FELD!

4. Maximum Throwdown (20$!!!)

This is a Tagmire joint so instantly it had my attention. And since I got to play it at Origins this year and LOVED it, it will have my money too. It’s a card flicking game with very little seriousness to it, so it’s going to be fun for all ages and gamer levels. My kids and non-gamer friends will even like it so SOLD

3. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set  (60$ Add on deck 20$ Paizo)

Ok so a not so well kept secret about me is I LOVE RPGs. I just don’t EVER get to play in any campaigns. I also love dice and cards. So this one could be the way I trick my gaming buddies into playing a pseudo-D&D campaign with me. Or hell I might be able to convince the wife to play one with me instead (EGADS!)

2. Space Cadets Dice Dual (Stronghold Games $50)

So I admit I have yet to play the base Space Cadets but I am likely going to at a local con in Sept. BUT I have no real interest in buying it. Not because I won’t like it but b/c I know there is very little chance I will ever get it to the table with friends or family. It’s longish to play and very longish to teach. Double whammy for the causal fam play. BUT the dice dual screams casual. It’s also got great buzz and Buonocore told me it’s great. And has he ever exaggerated before? I will let you guys answer that one!

1. AscensionGrinarkness Unleashed (Stone blade Entertainment $30)

Of course Ascension is going to be tops on this list. This is the expansion I hope fixes the crazy power creep that is Rise of Vigil. I almost put this lower down on the list b/c I am not thrilled with Vigil and I could see myself waiting for Ascension Online to hit b/c I backed it as expansions for life. BUT hell, who am I kidding, I HAVE to have this set right away. I am likely to try and play it a bunch b/c it will be included in the World Championships which I am playing in on sat as well. Ascension is an insta – buy for me every time.

1A.Lords of Waterdeep:Scoundrels of Skullport (WotC 30$)

Ok well this one is the REAL # 1 for me. Even though Ascension is an insta-buy for me, Lords Of Waterdeep is my reigning Game of the Year. I love the damn game and STILL love to break it out as much as possible. So then why is it sharing #1 with Ascension? Well to be blunt WoTC hasn’t officially said if it will be there for sale or not. If I was a betting man I would say 100% it will be though. They are a smart company and they cannot be dumb enough to actually make con goers wait till the announced “release date” of 8-20 (Tuesday after the con). SURELY they will have copies and sell it to a con of their rabid fans to get the buzz going and be declared the big sellers of the con. I will assure you though if they don’t you will hear me and A LOT of other people bitching about it quite a bit.

What’s your # 1 most anticipated games to buy at this year’s Gen Con?



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