Mar 26 2014

One of the greatest feelings you will ever have, that we forget as we get older #blogpost

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Holy crap GeekJock is back!

Yep and I hope to be back more if I ever get time. Well that, or if I ever figure out how to install the program to be able to voice to write. I am much better at talking and doing posts then actually typing (that’s why I have been podcasting SOOO much more then actually blogging lately due to time).

Today I want to touch a little on the Jock side of things. I want to get all us adults who spend way too much time saying “I don’t have time for that” — and I am guilty of it as well–, to take a moment to remember one of the greatest feelings we can ever experience in life and try to look for that feeling again. Try and find it and embrace it b/c things like this will bring us enormous happiness in a time where we don’t always get that feeling and often take it for granted.

That feeling is what I like to call the spine-tingling awe of the professional sports field.

I want you to close your eyes for a min (well metaphorically of course) and take yourself back to when you were a child. Unless you grew up real rich or happened to have season tickets to every sport there is you prob didn’t get to go to major sporting events a whole lot. Remember how rare it was that we were able to see the field or ice or court. Now bring yourself to that EXACT moment that you rounded the corner and got to the beginning side of the tunnel to get onto the concourse where your seats would be. That expectation of seeing what would be one of the best scenes you could imagine as a kid.  And imagine your feeling as you get to the END of that tunnel and there it was in all its gigantic and wonderful splendor. THE FIELD! I would always just stop and marvel at how large it was. How green it was and how bright and beautiful it was. Tingles would go up my spine as I just thought to myself “one day I will be out there”.

The same is true as I would go to NY Islander games with my dad as a kid. I would rush to the door, open it up to the inside of the Nassau Coliseum where the seats where and run up the tunnel! There it was. THE ICE! Where my favorite team the Islanders played. It instantly brought a smile to my face and made me jump for joy.

Why? Well b/c to us as kids, it was where the immortals got to play. Where the heroes of our world were in their greater then life size glory. There was just something special about that EXACT moment, that EXACT sight that released every ounce of endorphins I had as a kid.

30 years later…. I now have season tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes and I get to roughly 30-32 games each year. Do I get that rush when I come up the tunnel? Not as often as I like. It’s not that I don’t love that sight, b/c I do. It’s that in all the hub-bub of the world and rushing and no time for this or that, that I often forget to take a step back and HAVE that moment with the arena.

I say to you now. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the AWE. Take the time before any sporting event you go to, to remind yourself to HAVE that experience. To have that spine tingling moment. It’s in that moment that nothing else matters. Work doesn’t suck, life doesn’t suck and there are no bills to pay. There is just YOU and your 8 year old self, enjoying the AWE of the field. I promise you, that if you remember to do this, you will be much happier for it.

The Ultimate AWE moment when I was announced and skated onto the ice at the 1st annual Canes Alumni Fantasy Game

The Ultimate AWE moment when I was announced and skated onto the ice at the 1st annual Canes Alumni Fantasy Game

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